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3D Vfx Workshop in Autodesk® Maya®


Fast facts

Level: Professional

Intake: On Demand

Study Mode: Session

Duration: 3 Days


Vfx becoming more and more important in the media & entertainment industry.
In this course, trainees will learn the basic tools in Autodesk Maya & Adobe After
Effects. And continue with dynamics and particles in Maya to create 3D fluid, fire
and smoke. Then composite rendered images in After Effects with live footage.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion, you will be able to:

• Create, color and animate particles
• Use Emitter to lauch particles
• Use goals to make particles follow other objects
• Create particle collision with objects
• Use per particle attributes and expression to create custom behavior of particles
• Replace particles with objects using instancing
• Use gravity and other forces to move particles, soft bodies and rigid bodies
• Create rigid body simulation

• Use soft body to deform geometry when influenced by fields forces
• Create fluid system with particles
• Edit fluid container attributes
• Cache simulation for smooth playback
• Adjust Fluid Density and Temperature
• Create Fireworks using particles
• Create Smoke using particle and fluid
• Create Ground explosion using particle and fluid

Course contents

• Creating Particles
• Emitter attributes
• Goals
• Particle Collision
• Rendering Particles
• Per Particle Attributes
• Expression
• Instancing particles
• Fields
• Working with forces (gravity, wind, vortex)
• Rigid body dynamic system
• Rigid Body Constraints
• Soft body dynamic system
• Springs
• Generate physically accurate simulations
• Fluid System
• Basic attributes of fluid container
• Fluid emmiter and particle emitter
• Behaviour of fluid under different conditions like moisture, combustion of different type of fuel environment.
• Solvers and Caching Simulation
• Relationship editor
• Creating Fireworks
• Creating Smokes
• Creating Ground Explosion


  • Classroom
  • Practical

Who should attend?

This course is designed for working adults with basic working knowledge of Autodesk® MAYA® 3D design in the Animation, Games and design industry, including 3D modeler, Game designers, Advertisement Producer, and 3D visualizers. If your goal is to have strong understanding in Maya particles and fluid system to create extraordinary effects, this course is for you.

Max no. of participants



Brainymation Studio Sdn Bhd

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In House Training Per Day Cost
Public Training Per Pax Cost
MYR 3600
Study Mode
One Session
Language Offered
A3-10-52, Leisure Commerce Square, Jalan PJS 8/9, Petaling Jaya, 46150 Selangor Kuala Lumpur