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ADOBE Illustrator, Essentials of Media Design

Wallpaper adobe dark by autorby

Fast facts

Level: Professional

Intake: On Demand

Study Mode: Session

Duration: 3 Days


This course is a complete instructional programme for mastery of Adobe® Illustrator®
software. This course is designed to provide you with the skills necessary to create vector
graphics, and lay out top-quality print and web designs with elegant typography, for the
purposes of presentation, instructional and visual messaging content, using Adobe®

Learning outcomes

After completing this course, you’ll be able use Adobe® Illustrator® to create, edit and manipulate
vector graphics in accordance with the requirements of the creative media and design industries.
You’ll be able to produce:
• Polished, professional-quality artwork for print publishing and multimedia graphics
• Dynamic documents that can be exported as Adobe Flash or Adobe PDF files
• Striking design for games, web pages or online application

Course contents

Working with Perspective Drawing

○ Use and Edit a Preset Grid
○ Draw, Select and Transform Objects
○ Attach Objects to Perspective
○ Edit Planes and Objects Together
○ Working with Text and Symbols
○ Release Content from Perspective

Blending Colours and Shapes

○ Change Colours and Adjusting the Gradient
○ Add Transparency to Gradients
○ Work with Blended Objects
○ Create a Blend with Specified Steps
○ Modify the Blend
○ Create Smooth Colour Blends

Working with Brushes

○ Edit a Brush
○ Remove a Brush Stroke
○ Change Colour Attributes of Brushes
○ Work with the Blob Brush Tool
○ Merge Paths with the Blob Brush Tool

Applying Effects

○ Work and Style with Effects
○ Edit Shapes with Pathfinder Effect
○ Offsetting Paths
○ Apply a Photoshop® Effect
○ Create, Edit, Manipulate and Map 3D Object

Apply Appearance Attributes and Graphic Styles

○ Use Appearance Attributes
○ Create, Copy, Apply, Save and Remove
Graphic Style
○ Apply Graphic style to Objects and Layers
○ Apply Appearance to a Layer

Working with Symbols

○ Create, Edit, Replace and Rename a Symbol
○ Breaking a Link to a Symbol
○ Working and Editing with Symbolism tools
○ Spraying Symbol Instances
○ Copy and Edit Symbol Sets
○ Store and Retrieve Artwork in the Symbols
○ Map Symbol to 3D Artwork

Selecting and Aligning

○ Selection Tool and Tool Panels
○ Select, Align and Distribute Objects
○ Work with Groups and Isolation Mode

Create and Edit Shapes

○ Work with Basic Shapes
○ Understand Drawing Modes
○ Eraser, Width Tool and Pathfinder Effects
○ Shape Builder and Shape Modes
○ Use Live Trace to Create Shapes

Transforming Objects

○ Add, Edit, Rename and Reorder Artboards
○ Work with Rulers and Guides
○ Scale, Reflect, Rotate, Distort, Shear Objects
○ Use Free Distort Effect

Draw with Pen and Pencil Tools

○ Create, Edit, Delete Straight and Curved Lines
○ Convert Curved Points to Corner Points
○ Delete and Add Anchor Points
○ Draw and Edit with Pencil Tool

Colour and Painting

○ Understand Colour Modes and Controls
○ Create, Edit and Save Colours
○ Use Colour Picker and Copy Attributes
○ Work with Colour Guide Panel
○ Create, Edit and Apply Patterns
○ Work with Live Paint

Working with Typography

○ Create, Edit, Format and Change Text Types
○ Understand Text Flow
○ Create and Use Styles Tool
○ Reshape, Envelope and Wrap
○ Create Text on Open and Closed Paths
○ Create Text Outlines

Working with Layers

○ Create, Move, Lock, View and Isolate Layers
○ Paste and Merge Layers
○ Create Clipping Masks
○ Apply Appearance Attributes to Layers


  • Classroom
  • Practical

Who should attend?

• This course is ideal for photographers, web designer and publishers, print designers, graphic artists, cross-media designers, interactive designers and video professionals.

• It is also suitable for students and working adults, both amateur and professional, who is interested or work in allied fields such as photography, advertising, graphic and creative content design, printing and publication

• Basically, anyone who wants to acquire new skills in content creation.

Max no. of participants



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Study Mode
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