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Autodesk®, AutoCAD® Architecture Workshop


Fast facts

Level: Professional

Intake: On Demand

Study Mode: Session

Duration: 3 Days


This course will help you develop the technical skills to understand and create 2D design and document more efficiently with AutoCAD® Architecture.
AutoCAD Architecture’s drawing productivity tools include automated functionality for building elements such as windows, door and walls, initial generation of 2D elevations and sections from corresponding floor plans, scheduling and automatic tagging (and updating) of spaces as room layout changes and subsequent generation resulting from design changes.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion, you will be able to:

• Identify the purpose and resources of the tabs of the Ribbon.
• Draw straight or curved walls.
• Apply geometric and dimensional 2D constraints to walls.
• Insert doors and windows with precision using dynamic
dimensions, cycle measure to, reference point on and relative to
grid options.
• Change the size and location of doors, windows, and openings.
• Edit the properties of the door/window assembly and curtain wall.
• Use RoofAdd to create hip, gable, shed, and gambrel roofs.
• Use the SlabAdd command to add a slab.

• Use the Stair command (StairAdd) to create Straight, Multi-
landing, U-Shaped, U-Shaped Winder, and Spiral stairs.

• Use the Railing command (RailingAdd) to create railings that are
freestanding, attached to stairs, and attached to stair flights.
• Place AEC Dimensions, text, and leaders.
• Create elevations, sections, and details using the elevation and
section marks tools located on the Callouts tool palette.

Course contents

Introduction To Autocad Architecture

• Screen Layout
• Viewing Objects with the Object Viewer
• Creating Renovation Drawings
• Creating Projects
Creating Floor Plans
• Using Dynamic Input
• Drawing Walls
• Modifying Walls
• Using Parametric Constraints

Advanced Wall Features

• Creating and Editing Wall Styles
• Creating Wall Modifiers and Styles
• Creating Wall Sweeps Using Profiles
• Creating a Foundation Plan

Space Planning And Mass Modeling

• Geometry Forms of Spaces
• Tagging Spaces
• Editing Spaces
• Inserting a Space
• Creating a Space Style
• Creating Freeform Spaces
• Creating Mass Models

Placing Doors And Windows

• Placing Doors in Walls
• Placing Windows in Walls
• Creating Openings
• Adding and Editing the Profile of Doors, Windows,
and Openings
• Using AEC Modify Tools to Move Doors, Windows,
and Openings

Door/Window Assemblies And Curtain Walls

• Adding Door/Window Assemblies
• Creating Curtain Walls
• Converting Walls to Curtain Walls
• AEC Polygons for Curtain Wall Styles
• Converting Sketches to Curtain Walls

Creating Roofs And Roof Slabs

• Creating a Roof with RoofAdd
• Creating a Gambrel Roof Using a Double-Sloped
• Converting Polylines or Walls to Roofs
• Creating Roof Slabs
• Tools for Editing Roof Slabs

Creating Slabs For Floors And Ceilings

• Adding and Modifying a Floor Slab
• Modifying the Slab Using Properties and Grips
Stairs And Railings
• Creating the Stair Construct
• Customizing the Edge of a Stair
• Creating Railings

Using And Creating Symbols

• Inserting Symbols
• Creating a Multi-View Block
• Creating Mask Blocks

Annotating And Documenting The Drawing

• Placing Annotations on a Drawing
• Creating AEC Linear Dimensions
• Adding a Schedule Table
• Renumbering Tags
• Exporting Schedule Data

Creating Elevations, Sections, And Details

• Creating Building Elevations and Sections
• Creating Model Views with Visual Styles
• Creating Details

• Placing Annotation with Keynotes Course fees and other benefits


  • Classroom
  • Practical

Who should attend?

This course is designed for working adults with basic working knowledge of Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2D design in the design industry, including architects, interior designers, architectural visual producer, engineers and 3D visualizers. If your goal is to create precise 3D visualisation for architectural buildings, interior layouts, structural drawing and create automated schedules, this course is designed for you. You will obtain new knowledge and skills in architectural drawing and modeling.

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One Session
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