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Autodesk® Maya® Hardsurface Modeling Workshop

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Fast facts

Level: Professional

Intake: On Demand

Study Mode: Session

Duration: 6 Days


Discover 3D Hard Surface modeling with Autodesk® Maya® Discover what it
takes to create computer-generated characters for Movies, Architectural, Games
Automotive And Product Design. Master the basics of modeling, texturing, lighting
and rendering for Creative production.

Learning outcomes

• Build a superior understanding of Hardsurface modeling using advanced
techniques for topology control.
• Model a complex hard surface object with the pipeline
• Gain a greater understanding of UV mapping
and UV unwrapping techniques for complex objects.
• Apply textures to hardsurface models.
• Learn the process to convert the 3D model on a flat surface to be textured in
Photoshop and then be converted back to 3D.

Course contents

Intro to Maya

• Maya interface: the view window, tools,
buttons, and timeline.
• Customize view, zoom in and out, and
to navigate between different artwork
displays through key commands and
• Create and adjust primitives to create
basic 3D models, and using the Transform
tools to move, rotate, and scale them in
three dimensions.
• Organize your artwork, group and parent
objects and pivot them.

Basic Poly Modeling in Maya

• Manipulating the shape of an object
to begin creating realistic or complicated
• Select components and edit them,
rotating, scaling, and transforming the
elements in the model.
• Delete, extrude, poke, or cut to add details
to the objects. Booleans to overlap objects
to merge or extrude new shapes.
• Duplicate or flip components and a focus
on how to use object history to keep track
of the complexity of the model.

Hard Surface Modeling

• turn your complex polygons into smooth,
polished models.
• split polygons by creating new vertices
and faces and draw new polygons
• use normals to create gradients and
bevels to smoothen edges.

Shading, Texturing and UV Mapping

• control their color, shininess,
transparency, and reflectivity
• add an image map and manipulate its
• create and apply UV maps of your
models, cutting and sewing them, and
folding and unfolding UVs
• work in Photoshop to produce texture
images to apply to your maps

Lighting & Rendering

• set up a basic light rig including a
directional light, spotlight, key light, and
point light, and render it from different
camera views.


  • Classroom
  • Practical

Who should attend?

This course is designed for working adults with basic working knowledge of Autodesk®
MAYA® 3D design in the Animation, Games and design industry, including 3D modeler,
Game designers, Advertisement Producer, and 3D visualizers. If your goal is to have
unparalleled creative freedom, productivity, and precision for producing superb 3D
Hardsurface modeling, this course is designed for you. You will obtain new
knowledge and skills in solid modeling and 3D tools.

Max no. of participants



Brainymation Studio Sdn Bhd

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In House Training Per Day Cost
Public Training Per Pax Cost
MYR 4600
Study Mode
One Session
Language Offered
A3-10-52, Leisure Commerce Square, Jalan PJS 8/9, Petaling Jaya, 46150 Selangor Kuala Lumpur