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Breaking Paradigm Between Managers and Leaders


Fast facts

Level: Professional

Intake: On Demand

Study Mode: Session

Duration: 3 Hours


The 3 hour Forum will:-

  1. Break barriers between policy makers and implementers
  2. Enable implementers to bend but not break laws
  3. Close rapport between leaders and managers
  4. Enhance communication between the team members
  5. Remove mental filters and mental blocks between the team members
  6. Overcome perception issues in the company
  7. Promote leveraging and synergy between the team members
  8. Result in consolidation of power to achieve organizational goals

After this 3 hour forum, customized programmes will be introduced to fulfil needs

Learning outcomes

a. The paradigm between the Manager and Leader is resolved.

b. Managers and Leaders have better clarity.

c. Managers are able to know Leaders better.

d. Leaders are in better position to know the Managers.

e. Managers transcend managerial boundries. 

Course contents

  1. Synergizing the goals of the leaders and managers
  2. What is the KPI to be achieved?
  3. Pestle problems that inhibit performance from both perceptions
  4. The new code of conduct for operational excellence
  5. The gaol to be achieved


  1. Determine the TNA for both the leaders and the managers
  2. Conduct a pre-program survey
  3. Prepare issues to be resolved
  4. Facilitate the Forum
  5. Do post-program survey

Who should attend?

  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Leaders

Max no. of participants



Raken Marimuthu

Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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( In House Training )

In House Training Per Day Cost
MYR 3500
Public Training Per Pax Cost
Study Mode
One Session
Language Offered
Kuala Lumpur