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Gender Dynamics(C) Communication


Fast facts

  • A NEW PERSPECTIVE ON MEN and WOMEN AT WORK – empower both to create a gender balanced workstyle that interacts and engages all parties
  • LEVERAGE NATURAL EXCELLENCE - create exciting business opportunities in mixed teams that generate results through a more effective gender language
  • MAXIMISE FEMALE TALENT IN YOUR ORGANISAITON – ensure a culture for authenticity where women and men work together seamlessly




GENDER DYNAMICS©COMMUNICATION -  for Performance Success – for men and women alike

Forward thinking organisations recognise the today’s performance challenges are often generated by old stereotypes and male business bias.  This is a unique approach designed by International Facilitator, Dr Pauline Crawford-Omps.

  • Women are in business to succeed and want to combine a balanced feminine-masculine approach business. Engaging with senior men is especially important and a key component of this experience.  This programme will help both men and women identify types and learn to leverage their best strength through more awareness of natural communication styles and potential blindspots within and between each gender. 
  • The outcomes of this day will help resolve any conflicts and allow creativity to flow.  Women can demonstrate their natural talent for business as they work with men, and men advocate women to senior roles. 
  • This programme uniquely combines personal awareness of Gender Dynamics(C) types with practical communciation techniques to ensure that all parties, male and female can utilize the blueprint for best purpose.



Learning outcomes

  • Confidence in delivering effective business communication between men and women
  • Clear understanding of how to apply gender balanced conversations with all diversity agendas
  • Success in leading and dealing with different types of men and women in a balanced gender manner

Course contents


  • Mindset shift to new perspectives on how women and men can assess and choose a natural style of Gender Dynamics© communication
  • Application of Gender Dynamics© blueprint to use in all relationships as well as with their own management teams.  
  • Learn a new language for business relationships that creates a gender balanced response to all gender diversity issues


  • Practice an effective and genuine results-oriented dialogue and conversation between all types of women and men. 
  • Manage conflicts and diverse factors that block results
  • Set milestones for increased performance in all female groups and mixed gender working parties.    


  • Information imput
  • Interactive exercises
  • Learning Modalities
  • Pracitical applications
  • Action milestones


Who should attend?

  • Senior Men and Women
  • Decision makers
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Team leaders
  • Diversity Managers

Max no. of participants

30 maximum (mixed gender or single gender groups)


Dr Pauline Crawford-Omps

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( In House Training )

In House Training Per Day Cost
MYR 4500
Public Training Per Pax Cost
Study Mode
One Session
Language Offered
Kuala Lumpur