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Public Speaking


Fast facts

Level: Professional

Intake: On Demand

Study Mode: Session

Duration: 2 Days

Academy: Prodigy Asia Professional Development Programmes


  • To develop the necessary confidence to address any level of people, regardless of status or position.
  • To develop the necessary skill to effectively impart a message in a creative and a clear manner.
  • To develop the awareness on how effective speech can enhance career advancement.
  • To develop the passion for public speaking.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course students should be able to:

  • Speak more confidently in front of an audience utilising a variety of delivery skills such as eye contact, gestures, movement & vocal variety.
  • Develop Informative and Persuasive speeches through research, audience analysis, etc.
  • To enhance a presentation via the effective use multimedia & visual support.
  • Critically assess their own speaking, and that of others.

Course contents

  • What is public speaking?


    • The different platforms of public speaking
    • The benefits
    • Examples of great public speakers and their characteristics


  • Required competencies


    • What it takes to be a great public speaker.
    • Difference between ‘natural flair’ and ‘unnatural flare’
    • Activity – A video clip of a public speaker


  • Barriers to required competencies


    • Identifying personal barriers
    • Understanding these barriers in a real way
    • Removal of barriers
    • Activity – Rope trick


  • The audience


    • Identifying their need
    • Identifying their expectation
    • Fulfilling that need and expectation
    • Verifying the fulfillment from the audience
    • Role play – addressing different audience


  • The format


    • The introduction
    • The contents
    • The closing
    • The follow up (if any)
    • Activity – ‘5 minute speech’


  • The topic


    • Know your topic
    • Customizing the topic
    • Developing topics creatively


  • Continuous implementation


    • How not to lose the edge
    • Mindset for continuous improvement
    • Activity – decisions and resolutions


  • Interactive lecture
  • Video show & analysis
  • Role plays & evaluation
  • Games

Who should attend?

  • Executives
  • Engineers
  • Managers
  • Leaders

Max no. of participants



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( In House Training )

In House Training Per Day Cost
MYR 3500
Public Training Per Pax Cost
Study Mode
One Session
Language Offered
Kuala Lumpur